At GNW we help organisations understand and adapt to best suit the needs of the global nomad family and individuals.


We analyse the needs of the organisation and the individuals in order to maximize the organisational structures and tools to provide the best conditions for the success of “global nomads”. We plan and implement processes and programs to enable organisations to help achieve their mission by supporting the needs of their global community.


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Organizations that GNW can support

If you are an Individual looking to make an international move, we will be there to provide all the relevant information and support, answering the questions: What does it takes to make such a move and how can you plan for that.

If you are a Family in global transition and you are looking to maximize the success of your experience, we are offering tailor made coaching sessions.

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If you are a Community Organization looking to bring together global families, we can help to identify the practical needs of these families and help you to provide an environment to grow your program.

If you are a Relocation Agency looking to provide more than the technical support of the move, we can offer to be your complimentary service for your clients.

If you are a Corporation, sending employees for assignments abroad, we will be there to identify the needs of your company and your employee and offer tailor made support both for the company and the individual.

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If you are an International School looking to built a community that will suit the needs of your clients in your location, we will be there to analyze, and offer the right plans to grow into the community you would like to become. Interventions can be offered to all stakeholders, administrators, board members, faculty,  and families.

If you are an University with an international student body, looking to provide the best supporting services to this students we will be there to plan, analyze the needs of your organization and looking for the best tools and programs to become the community you want to be.

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